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I am sure you’ve already heard about Livecaster App by now. It’s the most powerful livecasting software in existence.

Livecaster App Supports Livecasting Pre-Recorded Videos As Live On The Following Platforms

& Others….

Go live wherever you want, whenever you want, and with any video you want. Livecaster App lets you go live immediately without a hassle.

Supports Facebook Pages

Supports Facebook Profiles

No waiting for rendering

Schedule your live videos

100% Terms of Service Compatible

Higher rankings on Google & YouTube

Automatic Video Conversions

More fans, subscribers & sales

The World’s Most Trusted Livecasting Software

  • Livecast to Facebook Pages & Personal Profiles.
  • Livecast on YouTube channels.
  • Go live instantly, or schedule your livecast for future.
  • Livecast to Periscope, Livestream, Ustream, and all other similar live platforms.
  • No need of any third party software. Works independently.
  • Livecast multiple videos simultaneously.
  • Put beautiful overlays & call to action on the videos that you livecast
  • 100% Organic behavior, casting from your IP and no involvement of a server. Protects you from bans.
  • Brings you increased exposure and more traffic by showing your videos to more people.
  • Brings you better rankings on YouTube and on Google for your videos.
  • Works with most video formats by converting them into streaming video.
  • Get more fans, subscribers, and reach more people on your pages.

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Just Press A Button, You’re Live

Connect Livecaster App to Facebook, YouTube or any other platform

Add any video from your hard disk

Schedule or go live with one click

Why Livecaster App Is Better Than Any Other Tool Around

  • Runs from your desktop. No need to sync with any server and risk going down at the wrong time because the target server isn’t working.
  • It’s 100% Facebook approved. No ToS violation, no banned accounts
  • Works on YouTube & every other Livecasting platform!
  • Works from your IP, you don’t get banned because someone else on a server’s IP was a spammer.
  • 100% reliable. Livecasting starts when you’ve scheduled it to start. No waiting forever for ‘rendering’.
  • Ridiculously easy to use. You will be up and running within 5 minutes.
  • Created by a company that maintains and updates its products like a religion. Your investment is secure.

*I’ve Got You A Deal On Livecaster That Not Even The Creators of Livecaster Will Give You

If you go to the official site of Livecaster App right now, you’ll find it selling for a recurring price only. You’ll need to pay a monthly price, or a yearly price. They won’t give you a one-time price.

  • Yes, they’ve stopped selling it at a one time price.
  • But you can still get it at one-time price only.
  • You see, I entered into a contract with them to sell Livecaster App and I got them to let me sell it at a one-time price even after they themselves stop selling it at that.
  • Yes, it’s 100% legit, 100% licensed.
  • You’ll get the original software, you’ll get the same customer support and facilities
  • You get everything that a Livecaster App customer gets when they buy from the makers, at a higher price!

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Livecaster App is a DESKTOP Software & designed to be run on a Windows PC.
If you're on a MAC, you'll have to buy Parallels for about $79 to install on your MAC before you can use Livecaster App on your MAC.

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